• Heidi

We’ve Changed Our Name to Creative CoLab

We’re very big into asking ourselves difficult questions. It helps us to develop and grow our practice, and how can we ask difficult questions of others if we can’t answer them ourselves?

About 6 months ago, a very difficult question was asked at a board meeting - what does our name represent? This led to a discussion about the past 4 years, and what we need to be moving forward. Our board decided that we should change our name.

So I set out with 8 million post it notes and a box of sharpies to ask other people difficult questions. Questions like: what do we do? What do we stand for? How do we do whatever it is that we do? What do we do when we do what we do? I asked everyone I could find. Anyone who could possibly care. To try and get as many voices as possible.

Then me and all of my post it notes came back to our office, and I typed them all up. And, to cut a very long story short, here we are. Creative CoLab.

We’ve made the change to reflect that our work is more encompassing than just arts activities. We work within community empowerment and community development, and we use creative activities to do this. What we do is not changing, and neither is who we are. We are pulling up our identity to ensure that it best reflects who we are growing to be.

Creative CoLab is our vehicle for the next stage of our journey, as we start to take deeper dives into elements of the arts and community sector that we can help strengthen; and support young artists in Worcester on their paths.