• Heidi

We're taking a short break

For the last two weeks in September, we’ll be shutting up shop to give everyone a well earned break. Since March, aside from a few days here and there, we’ve been all hands on deck navigating the strange and new waters that is life with COVID-19 in the world. As an organisation, we have been relatively lucky compared to some, but it’s definitely been stressful. On top of this stress, everyone has a life outside of work, and this time hasn’t been easy for anyone. 69% of adults in the UK are worried about about the effect of COVID-19 in their lives (ONS, 2020), during July 21% of people reported feeling lonely or isolated, one in six people felt hopeless at least once in two weeks (Mental Health Foundation, 2020), and 10% of adults in the UK reported feeling suicidal (Mental Health Foundation, 2020).

I’m very proud of the way that Creative CoLab supports its team, and whilst there’s always things to learn, our practice has always centred around the idea that people are people, with bigger priorities than their job and a whole life outside of the office. This short break gives us all the chance to hopefully recharge without the worry of what our inboxes will look like when we’re back, or putting extra workload on other members of the team.

If you are struggling with your mental health or just need to talk to someone, you can contact Samaritans anytime by calling 116 123 or emailing If you are looking for resources to support your wellbeing at work, ACAS has some resources