We've delivered play programmes across the West Midlands, from drop in play sessions to more structured programmes focused around how play can be used as a tool to discuss bigger issues. 

One of our favourite pieces of work included delivering free play sessions for a group of 6-12 year olds in a diversifying neighbourhood, to discuss how children felt about the rising tensions going on around them. 

We then worked with the local police force and councillors to develop strategies that best suited the children. 


We specialise in free play, which gives children the tools to create their own games. This not only supports the building of social and problem solving skills, but it also begins to develop a relationship between playworker and child. Playworkers must ask permission to enter the world created by the child, and this allows children to see that they have ownership and control over interactions and can help develop confidence. This is particularly important for vulnerable or children who face systemic oppression.



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