Persistent, People Driven Provision

Creative CoLab (formerly CAGED Arts) was founded in 2015 with support from The Prince's Trust, to provide high quality arts provision for young people in their communities. 

 Since then we’ve developed a co-design model that puts an emphasis on building relationships and developing a project together - placing young people at the centre of the process and ensuring that artists are accountable to them.

No one knows a community like the people that make it, and community arts shouldn’t come in and take over. That’s why our method involves coming to talk, to drink tea, and helping to plan a project (and support in finding the funding to support a project) that is the right fit for those it benefits.

Over the past few years, we’ve used this model to empower and inspire young people across the West Midlands, with a focus on Worcester City. Some of our highlights include working with a group of young producers to plan a festival, and providing arts sessions for young people at risk of offending to support confidence building. 

Our future involves more community arts projects in Worcestershire, but also advocating for change. We are working hard to have difficult conversations around representation, well being in the work place and good practice. 



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